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Space Cadet School is a stand-alone museum attraction designed to entertain the younger museum audience from pre-school age to around ten years old.
Our host is Professor Lightbulb, an animatronic character who conducts proceedings from the stage in our "classroom".  In front of him is his desk of animated experiments and behind him is a video wall with which he communicates with......
....Sparky, the space roving reporter.  During the exciting five minute experience Sparky and the Professor work together to explain the relative sizes and distances in our solar system.
The Earth and the Moon are nearly side by side on the floor of the museum.  Sparky then flies to Mars, which is positioned at the IMAX theater next to the museum.  In this way our audience begins to understand relative size and distance in relation to familiar landmarks they can see in the immediate vicinity of the museum.  Jupiter, at the same scale, is a huge ball on a bridge in the middle of the city.
Eventually Sparky flies to the local monastery, a distance of about 19kms, to show just how small Pluto is and how far away it is from the little Earth and Moon he left behind in the museum.
Through the wonders of a motion simulator our audience in the classroom literally feel the earth move beneath their feet as the Professor launches a rocket to bring Sparky back from Pluto.
Click on the image below to view the full five minute story, but we would encourage you to visit the museum to experience the fun.  Space Cadet School has been designed to be easily modified to tell the story from the perspective of your own museum surroundings.  Please contact us to discuss how we can make Space Cadet School work for you.

Click on the image below to play the Space Cadet School video