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As a packaged aerial unit, we provide everything needed to achieve great aerial shots, with Helifilms operating as a self contained, self managed second unit.

For Live Sports events,  we will bring everything including the High Definition RF links to the ground.  Just outside the OB truck we'll simply provide a cable marked "aerials".  All you've got to do is plug it in! We'll also provide a coordinating producer who will have a direct line of comms with the pilot and cameraman and the director in the OB, should production talkback fail ...

For Feature Films, TVCs, Corporates, TV dramas, light entertainment and documentaries we take all the work out of coordinating an aerial shoot, from sourcing the correct helicopter, film pilot, 2nd Unit director, Cinematographer, producers/coordinators, applying for permits, clearances etc... and the list goes on and on ...(but just leave that to us).

For Large Format, we understand all the requirements using this very large equipment in the air and we have even developed specialised rigs ...


We can source the best aircraft according to your needs anywhere in the world. If there aren't any available, we can ship them in - just as we flew 2 Jet rangers and 2 A-stars into Doha, Qatar onboard a Russian Antonov airplane for the Asian Games. We have produced a guide so that if you want to source the helicopter, you can check the suitability of the aircraft for filming with a Cineflex V14, please click here.

We can source crew for any size production, from directors, film pilots, cinematographers, technicians, engineers, aerial coordinators, producers and so on - or simply provide you with a film pilot or a Cineflex with cameraman.
We take the stress out of finding that perfect location ... just leave it to us ... and with helicopters in the US, Europe, Africa and Australia you can be guaranteed safety as well as creativity from our team.
The expression "Camera Mount" covers just about every method of fixing a camera to a helicopter, ranging from a full blown gyrostabilized ball down to a metal plate and a bolt. Over the years we've used most of them, both good and bad. There's no substitute for experience and the people always matter more than the technology.

Some mounts we own, some we hire in, and some we would never use again! We can advise the most suitable platform for your filming requirements if you have a specific shot in mind. To find out more about our Cineflex mounts see our features and capabilities page by clicking here.

If you are an aircraft operator or would like to know more about the suitability of a particular helicopter for use as a filming platform, please click here.
Do you need to shoot at a low level? Are you after that truly special shot? Well, you may require special approvals or permits ... Many locations require these in advance of shooting, all of which we are very familiar with ... such as flyiing between the Petronas towers in Malaysia, (see here), filming Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia's Northern Territories and filming London's Houses of Parliment at sunset.
In August 2005 we bought the first really significant new camera mount to become available in over a decade:- the Cineflex V14 High Definition gyrostabilised camera system.

We now operate four systems around the world in Africa, Europe, the US and Australasia, filming Feature Films, Commercials and Live Broadcast. We're blown away by the Cineflex and our production clients are blown away by the results.

For more details on this sytem, see our Cineflex rentals page here and for details on the features and capabilities of the Cineflex click here.
You can also see a cost comparison chart which shows the savings when shooting High Def over 35mm versus here. For our Cineflex rate card please click here.

To see the Cineflex in action, run your cursor over the following thumbnails for a preview or click on the thumbnail to view or download the full version.