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If you're thinking about having a new ride film for your motion simulator there are two ways of going about it. You can licence an existing ride film from Helifilms' Library or you can commission a new ride film that will be exclusive to your venue. We thought it might be helpful to take you through the 12 steps to producing a good ride film:

1st Understand the venue and the audience

We'll visit your venue, talk with you about the demographic of the audience you're appealing to and gain an understanding of your particular requirements. In 1992 we made "Dogfight" for the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, UK. The ride would be experienced by aviation enthusiasts and aficionados of the second world war. We therefore decided that the Messerchmidt pilots would actually radio to each other in the German language for extra authenticity.

2nd Define the hardware

If you've already got a simulator - great, we'll make the film to fit the machine. If not, then there are a lot of subjects to consider:

How many degrees of freedom (DOF) 2, 3, 4 or 6 ?
Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic?
Size of screen?
Sound system?
Projection format 70mm, 35mm, High Def, MPEG, CRV etc?

3rd Define the story
Where are we going to?
What are we travelling in?
Why are we going there?
What will happen to us along the way?
Will we even survive?
What's the "Big Moment"?
4th Think about a pre-show

Often you won't have the space to include a pre-show in which case our library of ride films for "stand-alone" simulators is for you. But, if you can give us the space, we can excite the audience before they even step inside your simulator. (It also entertians the queue line). This is ideal for museums, science centres and visitor centres who want to put the ride experience into a meaningful context.

5th Write the Script

Every story needs a beginning, a middle and an end. Even stories without words. If you don't understand a story, how can you possibly enjoy it? Maybe you want us to incorporate a particular message in the film? It's a very creative process and we want you to participate with us.

6th Storyboards

Now you can start to "see" the film taking shape. We use

- Photographs
- Snippets of video
- Artists' impressions
- Samples of sound
- Sketches and diagrams

Together we'll work out all the little details that make the difference.

7th Pre-Production

Save money, save money, save money.

By planning the shoot.
By testing any equipment we've built.
By making use of your exisiting facilities.
By making use of our exisiting facilities.
By making use of other free facilities.
By raising finance through sponsoship and product placement.

8th Shoot the film

Only one rule - wait for the weather (we'll take care of the other 8 million issues!)

9th Post Production
This is where the "clever" bits happen. It's also where we can save you a lot of money. Pictures, sound, music - all seamlessly joined together in our in-house High Def edit suite.
10th Motion Programming.

Get it right and it's pure magic. Get it wrong and it's a disaster. This is the exciting bit where all your plans become a real "experience". We work with the motion programming technicians to fit the motion to the pictures. That's when we'll invite you to experience your dream. Once your motion base has been installed at your venue we can "tweak the programming" until it's just the way you want your audience to experience it

11th Test Screening

Let's get it right before we open.

Check the colouring of the film/tape/disc etc.
Check the light levels.
Check the sound mix and levels.

Invite a local school to ride it - They'll soon tell you!

12th Opening Day

Lots of people, big smiles, good PR coverage - that's the aim. We might suggest:

- Flying VIPs in by helicopter.
- Providing an Electronic Press Kit.
- Using one of our airships overhead on opening day.
- Designing a web page.
- Using the TEA network to maximise awareness.
- Providing a short news item on "how it was made". The Royal Navy GAVE us a Seaking helicopter and an Aircraft Carrier for "Rescue at Sea" !

Contact us for a showreel.

So, back to Step One - when can we start?