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Gipps Aero GA8 Airvan "Astra"



The “Astra” surveillance version of the popular GA8 Airvan is a fixed wing platform that we have been pleased to recommend to many of our customers as a fully integrated solution when the requirement is to keep the Cineflex MSII airborne for long periods, and particularly when used in a covert role.

For surveillance work the Cineflex MSII is carried in a fully enclosed pod that’s very similar to the standard cargo pod on a GA8 Airvan.  Once airborne a pneumatic system is employed to lower the MSII below the aircraft.  The external pod arrangement for carrying the Cineflex MSII has these advantages:-
  • The pod houses, protects and conceals the camera system when not in use.

  • Lowering the camera system in flight achieves a full 360 degrees of unimpeded view.

  • Engine exhaust heat does not affect the optical performance of the camera.

  • No bugs, dirt or damage to the lens during take- off and landing.


The Airvan ASTRA is ideally suited to multi-departmental
agency roles such as:
  • Patrolling of coast line, lakes, rivers and National Parks

  • Fisheries and wildlife protection and management

  • Law enforcement

  • Resource monitoring including water, forest and coal resources.

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Emergency and relief flying including Search and Rescue (SAR).

  • Support of wildfire combating agencies in the following roles:

− Reconnaissance - fire spotting, routine and special/emergency patrol;

− Surveillance - fire mapping;

− Suppression - bird dogging in support of water bombing activities;

− Support - transport of personnel and equipment and observer training.



We’ve worked closely with the designers at Gippsland Aeronautics to incorporate a number of ergonomic workstations into the Airvan “Astra” depending on the role.  All of these workstations are modular and can therefore be fitted or demounted quickly when the role changes.
Gippsland Aeronautics has always been willing to work with end-users to engineer their custom requirements into an optimal solution.  Their in-house R&D and certification capabilities result in a genuine one-stop shop for initial or future modifications.
One of the innovations we’ve introduced is the mobile Command, Communications and Control vehicle seen here alongside the “Astra”.  This is the conduit for most occasions when a remote and temporary data downlink solution is specified.

The specific advantages of the Airvan “Astra” in surveillance work are:-

  • Superb visibility from ALL cockpit and cabin seating positions

  • Large square section cabin facilitates flexible cabin configurations

  • 12 and 24 VDC power busses available for mission equipment

  • Certified Workstations for sensing and navigation systems

  • Certified Hi Resolution EO/IR Cineflex MSII  installation

  • Certified Camera Hatch for Vertical Photography

  • Certified Large In flight CV window for Oblique Photography

  • Large 42” wide in-flight sliding door for photography and supply dropping

  • Low speed flight handling characteristics enhance loiter capability

  • Outstanding Loiter Endurance

  • IFR Certified

  • Honeywell Advanced Automatic Flight Management System certified

  • Outstanding Short Field Performance

  • Ability to operate on semi prepared airstrips due to its robust spring steel undercarriage and high flotation tyres.


For more details on the GA8 Airvan click here.  

To contact Gippsland Aeronautics directly:-

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